Thousands of companies offer hosting and domain registration services. Choosing the best among them can be quite a challenge.

MAXIWEBHOSTING will make life easier for you by offering one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated hosting and domain registration services available in the market, with full automation of the entire domain registration, hosting account creation and final billing process. The cost-effectiveness thus achieved is reverted back to the customer, allowing us to offer, for the same price:

- A more advanced infrastructure
- More powerful hardware
- Extra hosting space
- Increased uptime levels
- Additional bandwidth
- Increased network speed

Customer support is done remotely whenever possible, but always ensuring that your questions will be answered in the shortest amount of time.

MAXIWEBHOSTING provides hosting solutions to countless business and personal websites. With our help, these endeavours have found a strong basis on which to build and maintain successful commercial, entertainment or institutional online projects. And all with the best cost/benefit ratio.

Reliability is the key to success on the Web. The MAXIWEBHOSTING infrastructure is based on a Multi Server system, balancing the load through several machines, each with a well defined task and, in critical cases, duplicating them in order to assure the highest uptime level and performance.
Our servers are amongst the most reliable on the market, with permanent monitoring 27 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With MAXIWEBHOSTING you can be sure to receive:
» High-standard customer support
» Quality equipment
» High uptime levels
» Advanced administration tools
» Secure and reliable backups

MAXIWEBHOSTING is an accredited FCCN registrar and is officially recognized by ICANN.

Success on the market is not a matter of luck. We have a dedicated and competent team which holds the client in highest regard. Market trends monitoring and constant system updates with the latest technology are of paramount importance, assuring you the most intuitive and reliable tools to manage your Web presence.

MAXIWEBHOSTING will always be there should you ever encounter a problem. Even though
our customer support is done remotely, we can assure your questions will be answered as briefly as possible. Our technical support service is ready to receive your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

10 reasons for you to choose MAXIWEBHOSTING

1. Full control over your websites
2. Multi-hosting of websites under one single account
3. Solutions for Linux, Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft Access databases.
4. Technical support available 24/7/365
5. We are NOT resellers
6. Multi-server (load-balanced) hosting
7. Regular backups
8. High uptime levels
9. 10-day money back guarantee
10. Official registrar for the main domains

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